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5 Ways to Power Up your Dressing

5 Ways to Power Up your Dressing

The time for Power Girls is now. Happy Women's day! This is the year women fight for equality with solidarity, progress and justice. To celebrate, here are 5 power ways you can choose to dress for change.

1. Twin-it to win-it

If superheroes in matching suits have the ability to combine powers and defeat villains, so can we! For that winning style combo - twin in pieces that share a common theme like colour, fabric or print.

Self-portrait Ruffled Guipure Lace Dress; Self-portrait Draped Crepe Lace Dress

2. Be bold, be brave

We are not all outspoken, but we can express ourselves through selective colours, loud prints and meaningful motifs.

Love Moschino Love Pocket Dress; Mary Katrantzou Rainbow Cloud Dress

3. Inspire your Mini

Love playing dress-up together? Elevate your status as her style goddess with matching mini-me outfits.

Boutique Moschino Chain Print Dress; Moschino Kids Gold Chain Party Dress

4. Cover up

Sometimes less reveal is simply more.  

Self-portrait Guipure Cutout Pleated Maxi Dress

5. Wear Pink

No longer reserved for dolls and girly bedrooms, Pink is the power colour of the millennium! Pale and subdued or hot and passionate, wear pink with pride.

Iro Lebeca Cutout Crepe Dress; Preen by Thronton Begazzi Palmer Dress

International Women's Day on March 8 celebrates women's achievements around the world. It also represents a day to change, educate and inspire the roles of women in society by raising awareness and showcase commitment and action towards women's equality.
Lylamod celebrates women and girls day and pledge to:
  • Cherish relationships and enrich women's lives together through celebration and dressing-up. 
  • Admire, respect and support everywoman and girl's unique style and substance.
  • Educate and inspire our minis about their future roles as women.
  • Tell stories about the power girls of the world and their journeys.
Love you like a mom or daughter, Lylamod xx