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How to Celebrate your Mini-me's Birthday at Home in Style

How to Celebrate your Mini-me's Birthday at Home in Style

It's her Birthday and she deserves the best. Here are 9 ways to make it extra-special from all the other days she spends at home:
  1. Hire a Lylamod birthday dress. Life is truly a party with the perfect outfit. Rent from over a hundred styles to choose from, by the best designer kids collections in the world. Featuring Dolce & Gabbana, Mischka AokiMSGM KidsOscar De La Renta, and many more.
  2. Order a beautiful customised cake... No birthday party is complete without cake! Indulge her sweet tooth with the ultimate custom cake of her choice and have it delivered too! (Photo & Cake by Mare Maris)
  3. Birthday reel. Share it with friends and family, or save it in your memory banks forever. Watch our reels at the end of this blogpost to get inspired.
  4. Make your own dessert tray by crafting sweet treats and colourful punch from easy recipes. Show off your Insta-worthy creations.
  5. Go all out with a Theme. Make it sparkle in a Disco Glam theme party, or an Ice Princess theme. Bring the outdoors in with a retro Drive-by Cinema movie night or go wild with a tropical jungle theme.
  6. Bring out the party decor and spare no expense in effort, even if there isn’t an actual ‘party’! Create a unique backdrop for family photos and the main Birthday cake-blowout event. Use your imagination to style a vignette in a corner of the room. Think out of the box - using arts and craft and recycled materials, or objects lying around the house!
  7. Get-ready together... Pamper her with a sweet mini-spa session. Include things like a bubble bath, or a nail and make-up bar. Finally, dress up, wear jewellery, and put on your shoes for the evening! 
  8. Surprise her with an elegant Birthday dinner. Of course, order Grab, or a restaurant take-away ... but make it special by setting up the dining table like in a fancy restaurant; and serve the sparkling wine and Champagne.
  9. Have a Slumber party... Wear cute matching pyjamas; and why not sleep in the living room together? Add late-night snacks, feel-good movies and lots of cuddles.

With most Birthdays celebrated at home this year amidst the lockdown, we bid adieu to the days of big bashes and birthday trips abroad. Instead, seize the golden opportunity to dress up in the home and celebrate the all-important milestones. And like everything worth doing in life - do it in style!

Read about how dressing up can brighten your day, here. Do take lots of pictures and fill up your feed with snaps of your #OOTD. And don’t forget to make all the Zoom calls to her bestie, cousins, grandparents... One of the perks of an at-home birthday vs. IRL? Her favourite people from all over the world can join in the fun together. 


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