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DG Maiolica x Nyonya Style

DG Maiolica x Nyonya Style

A Penang Peranakan setting

The Babas and Nyonyas went on to become a quintessential populace embedded in Penang, Malacca and Singapore. Peranakan homes were resplendent with glittering Waterford chandeliers beaming over Maiolica and Minton tiles while Irish rugs overspread long elegant English tables. 

An excerpt from: "Lillian Tong (2015) Straits Chinese embroidery & beadwork: the private collection of Baba Peter Soon (p. 19)."

Dolce & Gabbana Maiolica girls' dresses transposed into a Penang Straits Chinese setting. From the same collection, Made in Italy "Sicily" satchel-bag is on the foreground of a majolica tiled wall. The backdrop is an Early Shophouse style building in the historic city of Georgetown.

Jewellery, Peranakan style, set against a florid of orchids in mauve and magenta hues. A pair of Intan or rose-cut diamond earrings; bracelet with trio of round golden coins – to garner in good fortune; and an anklet embellished with beads in beauteous tones.

Kid’s Maiolica blue tile and stripe espadrilles by Dolce & Gabbana. Italian traditional majolica tiles are hand-painted or glazed in colours on white background. Brought in by Arabs in Spain, small cities produced the sophisticated pieces for luxury markets in Italy and beyond.

In Peranakan culture, little Nyonya girls and babies are gifted with precious accessories. More than ornamental, jewellery of gold and jade are treasures of Nyonya women, passed down from mothers to daughters, and given to brides.

All dresses, shoes and bag by Dolce & Gabbana.
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