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Rent, Don't Buy: 5 Reasons for Women

Rent, Don't Buy: 5 Reasons for Women

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD, 8th March) and fashion, clothing, consumption and the industry's impact on the environment are issues that form global conversations for women worldwide. More than ever before women are faced with a choice and a responsibility with regards to how we wear and think about our clothes. Want to look good, feel good and do good? Choose to rent, not buy.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Getting rid of things that do not ‘spark joy’ in your lives.

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In the wise words of tidying guru Marie Kondo:

“Choose those things that spark joy when you touch them.” “Hang those clothes that would be happier on hangers.” “Don’t worry about throwing away too much. There will come a moment when you know what is just right.”

― Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

Renting fashion adds variety to your wardrobe and at the same time helps reduces the ​​clutter. Save space in your closet for the daily essentials, workwear, and classic ​separates. Opt to rent occasionwear, holiday outfits and party dresses. What’s more, save the ​​hassle of storing or giving away your children’s clothing once they’ve outgrown them ​simply by renting from our Girls' collection instead of buying outfits they can only wear ​​once or twice a year.

2. Less consumption equals less waste

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Fact: 85% of all textile waste goes into landfills (Source: Business of Fashion). Clothing production has doubled from 2000 to 2014; along with sales of clothing, whereby on average we buy 60% more and only wear them for about half as long as 20 years ago (Source: Greenpeace). Fast marketing, trend perception, and social media's hunger for newness all contribute to this "buy-now-wear-once" global culture which has made us fall deep into the trap of fast fashion.

Consume less by renting clothes you only plan to wear once or twice for special occasions. Channel your fashion icons by renting and wearing new styles each time. Less consumption equals ​less waste for the environment. Which means a more responsible and sustainable lifestyle for our planet – leading to a better future for our next generation.

3. Conscious dressing: who made your clothes?

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This year, Women’s Day is celebrated by global brands promoting women's achievements through clever marketing efforts such as selling t-shirts with witty slogans like “GRL PWR” and “I am a feminist”. Indeed today, we celebrate to mark the triumph of women’s labour movements and the improved conditions of factory workers in the modern economy. However, less we forget, the painful standards of living of women in poverty in countries such as India and Bangladesh - who are making these T-shirts. Fact: Of the 40 million garment workers in the world today; 85% of them are women (Source: The True Cost). Ironically also a fact, fast fashion has made some of the richest men on Earth. All ten of “The Top 10 Billionaires in Fashion” listed in 2017 are men (Source: FashionUnited Business Intelligence). 

Let’s be conscious in our dressing choices and pay tribute to our less privileged sisters in these nations who are in a situation stemming from Western capitalism and our appetite for fast fashion. It's time to look at alternatives to fast fashion and rent responsibly.

4. Style with no regrets

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Get access to high-end lines, cult labels and luxury designers at a fraction of the cost. Wear something new each occasion and look fabulous without having to buy new outfits constantly. With a curated and filtered selection for you, plus styling assistance should you require one (get in touch here and we can help arrange for a full stylist package), rental fashion gives you style with no regrets.

With our easy return collection service, get time back from hours of endless scrolling or parking and searching the malls for something to wear for that one event. Save the guilt from excessive purchases on clothing hardly ever worn. Did we also mention renting is maintenance-free? We take care of the dry-cleaning of the designer pieces accessible to you.

5. Celebrate by dressing up

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At Lylamod we celebrate women and girls everyday by dressing up. We encourage women to be the style heroine for mini-mes, wear matching looks with your mom, sister and bestie, and take the photos when you need to commemorate. We bond with women through the love of fashion. Equally, it’s as important to love yourself. Treat yourself and wear a designer dress for that special occasion. You’ve worked hard for it, now own your fabulous moment.

Lylamod dedicates today to you, every woman, mother and child.
Happy International Women’s Day 2019.