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Customer Story: Reva’s baby baptism dress hire

Customer Story: Reva’s baby baptism dress hire

Hiring a special occasion dress can take a lot of the stress out of moms preparing for a big day. We love helping our customers feel amazing for their event or occasion in every stage of life. In this post, our customer Reva tells us about why she chose to rent this stylish Self-Portrait dress for her three-month old daughter's baptism ceremony.

Show Her Style

Reva looked amazing in our designer dress hire by Self-Portrait at her child’s baptism event.

1. Tell us about your special occasion and why you chose to wear a designer dress for it?

I rented a dress for my daughter's infant baptism. Since I was a new mom of two, I needed a dress that would be able to accentuate my postpartum body (she was six month old then) but also match the theme of the baptism (church required us to wear white). Time has always been a luxury because both of my children are under the age of five, so shopping would be out of the question when you need something quick and fast!

2. Tell us more about the dress and the designer you wore.

I picked the Self-Portrait Ivory Jersey dress because it was a timeless classic white dress with amazing cutting and structure - bonus points also to hide lumps and bumps!

3. Have you ever rented a dress before, or was this your first time? Why rent over buy?

Yes, I have. For my first time, I picked the Preen pink dress for my grandmother's 90th Birthday. I decided to rent because of it made me explore different designer brands. I am a creature of habit and usually sticks to the usual designers that I am comfortable with. Lylamod and their helpful staff have always been so accommodating and quick to recommend new styles. Furthermore, storage is an issue in my exploding closet so renting is a wonderful idea.

Reva is stunning in a pink Preen Gown she rented for her grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration.  

4. Tell us about how you first discovered Lylamod?

Both Wern and Yin are good friends since high school, who have always had impeccable taste in fashion. So who better else to trust but them? :)

5. All in all, did you enjoy your experience with Lylamod (online and offline)? Which part of the experience was a highlight for you?

Yes, 10 out of 10. Online:- Excellent client service in recommendation, range of items and sizes and seamless ordering process. Off-line: prompt delivery and pick ups.

6. Would you recommend Lylamod to other women, and what would you tell them?

Yes, definitely. Lylamod is the best in the market by far.

What She Wore

Reva picked this Ivory Twist Jersey Dress by Self-Portrait.

For a traditional family event, it is sensible to appear formal and modest in a well-made designer dress. Reva's choice for the baptism ceremony is something classic: a long dress that is simple and minimalistic in white. The v-neckline with the twist front detail is both modern and unique and speaks to her sophisticated style. Armed with an elegant fashion sense, Reva manages to pull off the look and look amazing without trying too hard!
Thank you for sharing your story.

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