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Spring H&M Conscious Exclusive

Spring H&M Conscious Exclusive

This Spring, H&M Conscious Exclusive explores the healing power of nature. The latest eco-conscious collection embrace innovation in new materials and processes towards a more-sustainable fashion future.

“For this collection, we explored the beauty in nature, which shows in the prints, as well as the flowy silhouettes, the striking colour palette and the attention to detail. We’re thrilled to introduce new plant-based sustainable materials to create high-performing, beautiful and fashionable pieces that are statement-making yet so easy to wear.”

Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative Advisor 

Nature-inspired, the design team translated Earth’s resources of minerals, trees and plants important to our well-being into new and creative sustainable fabrics. Hues of lavender, sand, aqua-blue, petrol-blue, coral pink - along with black, gold and silver - form a relaxing colour palette for the printed fabrics.

Introducing for the first time are: Piñatex®: a natural-leather alternative made from extracted cellulose fibres of pineapple leaves; BLOOM™ Foam, a flexible foam using algae biomass, and; Orange Fiber®, silk-like fabrics made from citrus juice by-products.

All images by H&M.

With stunning dresses in the collection we look forward to each year, #HMCONSCIOUSEXCLUSIVE is the definitive collection to embody the balance between glamour and innovation. Rent this season’s styles for your special occasion, or wear on relaxing holiday moments.

Our key pieces include:
1. A statement dress in a mix of shiny silver Piñatex® and light turquoise jacquard.
2. An eye-catching bronze mini with a forest landscape printed on Tencel® lyocell.

3. A silk and linen-blend floral gown in a floaty silhouette.

4. Signature glamorous kaftan with a laid-back vibe made from airy Tencel® lyocell.


All images by H&M.

Conscious Exclusive is a recurring collection of exquisite, premium pieces that celebrate the new season and showcase the increasing possibilities of sustainable fashion with a focus on development and innovation.

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