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The Penang Trip Story

The Penang Trip Story

Decorative dresses, quirky props and a hidden location ensured our latest campaign shoot to be one of our most unique and best! Discover some of our inspirations, insights and highlights behind the scenes.  

Our new collection campaign shoot was truly Penang like no other. A collection inspired by holiday adventures to local scenic spots; we lined up breezy dresses, printed pieces and decorative gowns in hibiscus shades of reds and pinks, green and umber, for the perfect mix of tropical vacation vibe.

With this concept driving our ideas we knew that we had to shoot in a place where cultural meets offbeat. In a town that's native but quirky, and the island city of Georgetown was just the perfect place to be.

After a week of hazy conditions in KL, we watched the weather reports praying for clear skies on the day. Mother Nature was kind and on the morning of the shoot it looked to be a clear day with warm sunny glow in our arrival. With that last checkbox ticked we geared up for the day ahead. Our call time of 10 a.m. was no easy feat on a humid morning but having overcome a host of challenges to get there, and with much anticipation, nothing was going to stop us!

To capture the romantic spirit of travel, we needed to shoot in a location of vintage glamour. And the pretty Whisk cafe proved the perfect backdrop, hidden away in a row of charming old shophouses in the centre of the UNESCO heritage site.

A sunlit open-rooftop courtyard, a twisty tree, and old colourful walls with a rich character and history of its own adds an own element of drama to the mix. The unassuming shophouse was the ideal spot for the theatrics and vision of our local escapade to come to life. 

We used a host of quirky and unusual props to translate the resort and holiday elements of our collection into the setting of the shophouse alleyway. Handmade Panama basket bags by Sensi Studio, iconic Cult Gaia accessories, and acrylic wooden bracelets by Marni complemented the looks. 

Whilst a "Mee Goreng" bicycle stall cart, a gold vintage Mercedes Benz, dried bouquets of baby's breath and roses, a dreamcatcher, a seashell straw hat, a lover's charm trinket and a teacup of delicate purple-petalled tea were amongst the wonderful but kooky objects that brought warmth to the charmed setting.  

A campaign shoot is never complete without a few stories to tell. From disappearing street-food carts, the friendly taxi driver and his vintage ride, the cool model and her cooler 'mom-ager', and the loveliest bit of cake, the day was filled with excitement and adventure!

View the Resort & Holiday lookbook here. Rent the collection here. 

Cuti-Cuti Penang

Photography by Faizal Shutterart (Instagram @faizalshutterart; Facebook @shutterart)
Video by 4Five Studio (Instagram @4fivestudio; Facebook @4fivestudio)
Model by Zulaika Natasha (Instagram @zulaikanatasha_)
 Styling & Accessories by Lylamod (Instagram @lylamod; Facebook @lylamod)
Partially shot at Whisk Cafe, 15 Lebuh Queen, Georgetown, Penang (Instagram; Facebook