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A Tale of Wild Hearts: behind the scene

A Tale of Wild Hearts: behind the scene

Join us behind the scene of this enchanted wonderland tale. 

Photographed by Faizal Shutterart and styled by Shahnaz Facekraft. Featuring our young talents Lyla, Hannah, Chloe and Eli.   

The inspiration behind this fairytale is about the bond a mother-daughter duo share, and no matter what comes their way, the love they share will keep them alive. Starring a Queen and her Princess, navigating through a dark and captivating world. Together, they see the light and find magic and beauty within a world so enchanted and mysterious. 

Set in a serene enclave, a mysterious little forest critter awakens the sleeping Queen to gift a precious wild berry. Brave and free to roam while her mother rests, the Princess encounters two forest fairies. She befriends the pair and the chance meeting eventually turns her into one with the wild... what lies beyond the enclave remain a discovery.

We shot the campaign in Playground Style, Lylamod's own showroom and studio. Set designer Frieda transformed the gallery into an enchanted forest using craft and dried leaves. She added trailing wild blooms to surrounding paper rock structure to create a cavern. We used stark geometric masks to complement the rich textures and colours of the set, and turn our mini models into magical forest creatures.

Visual narratives from A Tale of Wild Hearts is now live here on the site, and dresses in the collection are available for hire. Stay with us for Part 2 of this Lylamod tale, revealing in 2019.