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Happy Holidays from Lylamod

Happy Holidays from Lylamod

This holiday season, we're reflecting on all the gifts 2018 has brought us and how thankful we are for the many great connections, new lessons, and those wonderful travels and tales. 

2018 brought us so much closer to our followers, not just online but offline in our events this year. We had our media launch and were honoured to have collaborated with incredible brands like The Chic Initiative, Hunny Lush Beauty and Pelikan. On top of all this, it was amazing to get to meet you and connect with you in person! 

But this only marks the beginning! Thanks to you and your continued support, we will keep up the momentum for 2019. For now, we’ll bask in gratitude for a fantastic year and wish you even more success for the new year.

Happy New Year to you and yours! 

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